Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kenny Rankin - Like A Seed

Kenny Rankin - Like A Seed
Little David Records LD1003 (1972)

Side One:
1. Like A Seed
2. Yesterday’s Lies
3. Peaceful
4. Sometimes
5. Comin’ Down
6. Stringman

Side Two:
1. Eartheart
2. Bad Times Make You Strong
3. You Are My Woman
4. I Was Born
5. If I Should Go To Pray

John Guerin, Jim Keltner - Drums
Kenny Rankin - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Background Voice
Lee Sklar, Max Bennett - Bass
Mike Deasy - Guitars, Saxophone, Background Voice, String Arrangements
Larry Knechtel, Victor Feldman - Keyboards
Jim Horn - Saxophone, Flutes, Horn Arrangements
Gayle Levant - Harp
Ted Michel - Cello
Dan Rothmuller, Eliot Chapo, Allan DeVeritch, Jose Madera - Strings
Mel Tax - Sweet Potato
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Chanda Rankin, Gena Maria Rankin, Chris Rankin, Yvonne Rankin, Kathie Deasy - Background Voice
Monte Kay, Jack Lewis - Producer
Don Peake - String Arrangements, String Orchestration

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