Sunday, December 29, 2013

David Cassidy - Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes

David Cassidy - Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes
Bell Records BELLS 231 (1973)

Side One:
1. Daydream
2. Sing Me
3. Bali Ha'i
4. Mae
5. Fever
6. Summer Days

Side Two:
1. The Puppy Song
2. Daydreamer
3. Some Old Woman
4. Can't Go Home Again
5. Preyin' on My Mind
6. Hold on Me

John Guerin - Drums
David Cassidy - Vocals
Kim Carnes - Background Vocals
Al Casey - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele
Victor Feldman - Vibraphone
James Burton - Acoustic Guitar, Dobro
Louie Shelton - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Ned Doheny - Guitar
Bobbye Hall - Conga
Max Bennett - Bass
Richard Bennett - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Homer Diltz - Harp
Dave Ellingson - Acoustic Guitar
Gloria Gaione - Background Vocals
Emory Gordy - Bass
Gloria Grinel, Trish Turner, Brandy Bento - Background Vocals
Milt Holland - Percussion, Conga
Larry Knechtel - Bass, Mouth Organ
Michael Omartian - Piano, Tack Piano
Mike McDonald - Electric Piano, Backing Vocals
Ron Tutt - Drums
Rod David - Acoustic Guitar
Bonita Gunslab - Background Vocals
Rick Jarrard - Producer

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mike Wofford - Strawberry Wine

Mike Wofford - Strawberry Wine
Epic Records LN 24225 (1966)

Track Listing:
1. Kay Note
2. The Steeplechase
3. Moment
4. I Know Your Heart
5. Semi-Gymnopedie #1
6. Night and Day
7. Strawberry Wine
8. Three for All
9. Whim

John Guerin - Drums
Mike Wofford - Arranger, Piano
John Doling - Bass
John Hammond, Sr. - Producer

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fire & Rain - Fire & Rain

Fire & Rain - Fire & Rain
Mercury Records SRM 1-654 (1972)

Side One:
1. Somebody To Love
2. Carry Me Down
3. Take Me For A Little While
4. Chandelier
5. Music In The Air
6. Let's Get Rollin'

Side Two:
1. Touch Me
2. Hello Stranger
3. Alright Tonight
4. That's Where It's At
5. Home To You

John Guerin, Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon - Drums
Manny Freiser - Vocals, Producer
Patti McCarron - Vocals, Producer
Joe Saraceno - Producer
Ben Benray - Arranger
Max Bennett, Reinie Press - Bass 
Al Casey, Ben Benay, David Cohen, Dean Parks, Jay Graydon - Guitar
Artie Butler, David Foster, David Paich - Keyboards
Alan Estes, Gary Coleman, Victor Feldman - Percussion
Sid Sharp And The Orchestra - Strings
Gene Cipriano - Woodwind

Monday, November 18, 2013

Waylon Jennings - The Taker/Tulsa

Waylon Jennings - The Taker/Tulsa
RCA Victor Records LSP-4487 (1971)

Track Listing:
1. The Taker
2. You'll Look for Me
3. Mississippi Woman
4. Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
5. Six White Horses
6. (Don't Let the Sun Set on You) Tulsa
7. Casey's Last Ride
8. A Legend in My Time
9. Sunday Morning Comin' Down
10. Grey Eyes You Know

John Guerin - drums (4,7)
Waylon Jennings - vocals, guitar, producer
Fred Carter, Jimmy Capps, Dale Sellers - guitar
Chip Young, Jerry Shook - guitar
Roy Huskey, Bobby Dyson, Norbert Putman, Henry Strzelecki, Chuck Sanders - bass
Pete Drake, Curly Chalker - pedal steel guitar

Buddy Harman, Kenneth Buttrey, John Huffman - drums
Hargus Pig Robbins, Jim Pierce, Beegie Cruiser - piano

Charlie McCoy - harmonica, organ
Joe Babcock, Dolores Edgin, June Page, Hurshel Wiginton - backing vocals

Sonny Curtis, Alvin Casey, Billy Ray Reynolds - guitar
Ralph Mooney - pedal steel guitar
Joe Osborne - bass

Glen Hardin - piano
Don Brook - harmonica
Gene Marlino, Vangie Carmichael, Bob Tebow, William Brown, Stan Farber - backing vocals

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Williams Brothers - Andy & David

The Williams Brothers - Andy & David
Varese Vintage 066350 (1974)

Track Listing:
1. Sha-La-La
2. What's Your Name
3. It Hurts to Be in Love
4. This Diamond Ring
5. Roll River
6. Let Me Love You
7. Cathy's Clown
8. Hello Mary Lou
9. Secretly
10. Say It Again
11. Why Don't They Understand
12. Every Other Sunday
13. I Don't Know How Say Goodbye

John Guerin - Drums
Andy Williams - Vocals
David Williams - Vocals
James Burton, Dean Parks - Guitar
Alan Estes - Percussion
Jim Haas, Tom Bahler - Background Vocals
Carol Kaye - Bass
Chuck Findley, Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary, Ollie Mitchell - Brass
Gayle Levant - Harp
Michael Lloyd - Piano, Background Vocals, Arranger, Producer
Marty Paich - Arranger, Producer
Don Costa - Arranger, Producer
Mike Curb - Producer
Sid Sharp - String Director
Marty Wekser - Producer

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Howard Roberts - Guilty!!

Howard Roberts - Guilty!!
Capitol Records T-2824 (1967)

Side One:
1. Watch What Happens
2. Ode To Billie Joe
3. Triste
4. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
5. Look Of Love
6. Yellow Days

Side Two:
1. Walk Tall
2. You And I
3. O Barquinho
4. Wait Until Dark
5. Up, Up and Away

John Guerin - drums
Howard Roberts - guitar
Dave Grusin - organ
Chuck Berghofer - bass
Al Hendrickson, Jack Marshall - guitar
Paulo Fernando de Magalhaes, Larry Bunker - drums, percussion
Claudio Miranda - percussion, vocals
Vic Feldman - electric piano, percussion
David Cavanaugh, Jack Marshall - producer

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Marty Cooper - A Minute Of Your Time

Marty Cooper - A Minute Of Your Time
Barnaby Records BR-15004 (1972)

Side One:
1. To Say Goodbye To Anne
2. Cowboys And Daddies
3. Tell The Singer I'm Sorry
4. Oh, Country
5. The Indiana Girl

Side Two:
1. I Wrote A Song
2. The First Band I Ever Played With
3. Another Day, Another Year
4. Mama Was A Cowgirl
5. The View From Ward Three (A Minute Of Your Time)

John Guerin - drums
Marty Cooper - vocals, producer
Larry Carlton - guitar
Richard Bennett - steel guitar
John McEuen - bass, guitar
Bobby Bruce - fiddle
Larry Muhoberac - piano, arranger
Kim Carnes, Brooks Hunnicu - background vocals
Ken Mansfield - producer

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Howard Roberts - Spinning Wheel

Howard Roberts - Spinning Wheel
Capitol Records ST-336 (1969)

Side One:
1. Spinning Wheel
2. Country Scuffle
3. Gasoline Alley
4. Bros. Of Serendipity

Side Two:
1. More Today Than Yesterday
3. Captain Bacardi
4. Crystal Illusions

John Guerin - Drums
Howard Roberts - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Chuck Domanico - Bass
Dave Grusin - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ
David Axelrod - Producer
Tom Scott - Saxophone, Flute, Organ

Harry Nilsson - The RCA Albums Collection

Harry Nilsson - The RCA Albums Collection
RCA Records 88697915502 (2013)

Track Listing:

Disc One: Pandemonium Shadow Show
1. Ten Little Indians (stereo)
2. 1941 (stereo)
3. Cuddly Toy (stereo)
4. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune (stereo)
5. You Can't Do That (stereo)
6. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend (stereo)
7. She's Leaving Home (stereo)
8. There Will Never Be (stereo)
9. Without Her (stereo)
10. Freckles (stereo)
11. It's Been So Long (stereo)
12. River Deep-Mountain High (stereo)
13. Ten Little Indians (mono)
14. 1941 (mono)
15. Cuddly Toy (mono)
16. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune (mono)
17. You Can't Do That (mono)
18. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend (mono)
19. She's Leaving Home (mono)
20. There Will Never Be (mono)
21. Without Her (mono)
22. Freckles (mono)
23. It's Been So Long (mono)
24. River Deep-Mountain High (mono)

Disc Two: Aerial Ballet
1. Daddy's Song (stereo)
2. Good Old Desk (stereo)
3. Don't Leave Me (stereo)
4. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song (stereo)
5. Little Cowboy (stereo)
6. Together (stereo)
7. Everybody's Talkin' (stereo)
8. I Said Goodbye To Me (stereo)
9. Little Cowboy (stereo)
10. Mr. Tinker (stereo)
11. One (stereo)
12. The Wailing Of The Willow (stereo)
13. Bath (stereo)
14. Daddy's Song (mono)
15. Good Old Desk (mono)
16. Don't Leave Me (mono)
17. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song (mono)
18. Little Cowboy (mono)
19. Together (mono)
20. Everybody's Talkin' (mono)
21. I Said Goodbye To Me (mono)
22. Little Cowboy (mono)
23. Mr. Tinker (mono)
24. One (mono)
25. The Wailing Of The Willow (mono)
26. Bath (mono)
27. Aerial Ballet Radio Spot

Disc Three: Harry
1. The Puppy Song
2. Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore
3. Open Your Window
4. Mother Nature's Son
5. Fairfax Rag
6. City Life
7. Mournin' Glory Story
8. Maybe
9. Marchin' Down Broadway
10. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
11. Rainmaker
12. Mr. Bojangles
13. Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
14. I Will Take You There (single mix)
15. Waiting
16. Rainmaker (single mix)
17. Mournin' Glory Story (single mix)
18. Garbage Can Ballet (alternate version)
19. Harry Radio Spot
20. Voices Of Vista Radio Spots

Disc Four: Nilsson Sings Newman
1. Vine St.
2. Love Story
3. Yellow Man
4. Caroline
5. Cowboy
6. The Beehive State
7. I'll Be Home
8. Living Without You
9. Dayton, Ohio 1903
10. So Long Dad
11. Snow
12. Love Story (alternate version)
13. Cowboy (alternate version)
14. I'll Be Home (alternate version)
15. Living Without You (alternate version)

Disc Five: The Point!
1. Everything's Got 'Em
2. The Town
3. Me And My Arrow
4. The Game
5. Poli High
6. The Trial And Banishment
7. Think About Your Troubles
8. The Pointed Man
9. Life Line
10. The Birds
11. P.O.V. Waltz
12. The Clearing In The Woods
13. Are You Sleeping?
14. Oblio's Return
15. Think About Your Troubles (alternate version)
16. Life Line (alternate version)
17. Down To The Valley (alternate version)
18. I'll Never Leave You
19. The Point! Travel Brochure Radio Spot With Bill Martin

Disc Six: Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
1. Introduction
2. 1941
3. Daddy's Song
4. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
5. Good Old Desk
6. Everybody's Talkin'
7. Bath
8. River Deep-Mountain High
9. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
10. Don't Leave Me
11. Without Her
12. Together
13. One
14. Closing
15. You Can't Do That
16. It's Been So Long (italian version)
17. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend (italian version)
18. Without Her (italian version)
19. Cuddly Toy (italian version)
20. You Can't Do That (italian version)
21. BBC Saturday Club Introduction
22. 1941 (live)
23. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song (live)
24. Nilsson Talks With Brian Matthew
25. Together (live)
26. Good Old Desk (live)
27. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Radio Spot

Disc Seven: Nilsson Schmilsson
1. Gotta Get Up
2. Driving Along
3. Early In The Morning
4. The Moonbeam Song
5. Down
6. Without You
7. Coconut
8. Let The Good Times Roll
9. Jump Into The Fire
10. I'll Never Leave You
11. Si No Estas Tu
12. How Can I Be Sure Of You
13. The Moonbeam Song (demo)
14. Lamaze
15. Old Forgotten Soldier (demo)
16. Gotta Get Up (alternate version)

Disc Eight: Son Of Schmilsson
1. Take 54
2. Remember (Christmas)
3. Joy
4. Turn On Your Radio
5. You're Breakin' My Heart
6. Spaceman
7. The Lottery Song
8. At My Front Door
9. Ambush
10. I'd Rather Be Dead
11. The Most Beautiful World In The World
12. What's Your Sign?
13. Take 54 (alternate version)
14. Campo De Encino
15. Daybreak (single version)
16. It Had To Be You/I'd Rather Be Dead
17. Son Of Schmilsson Radio Spot

Disc Nine: A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night
1. Lazy Moon
2. For Me And My Gal
3. It Had To Be You
4. Always
5. Makin' Whoopee!
6. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
7. Lullaby In Ragtime
8. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
9. What'll I Do
10. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
11. This Is All I Ask
12. As Time Goes By
13. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
14. Make Believe

Disc Ten: Pussy Cats
1. Many Rivers To Cross
2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
3. Don't Forget Me
4. All My Life
5. Old Forgotten Soldier
6. Save The Last Dance FOr Me
7. Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga
8. Loop De Loop
9. Black Sails
10. Rock Around The Clock
11. Down By The Sea
12. The Flying Saucer Song
13. Turn Out The Light
14. Save The Last Dance For Me (alternate version)
15. Don't Forget Me
16. Black Sails (demo)

Disc Eleven: Duit On Mon Dei
1. Jesus Christ You're Tall
2. It's A Jungle Out There
3. Down By The Sea
4. Kojak Columbo
5. Easier For Me
6. Turn Out The Light
7. Salmon Falls
8. Puget Sound
9. What's Your Sign?
10. Home
11. Good For God
12. Goin' Down

Disc Twelve: Sandman
1. I'll Take A Tango
2. Something True
3. Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left For Everybody
4. The Ivy Covered Walls
5. Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today
6. The Flying Saucer Song
7. How To Write A Song
8. Jesus Christ You're Tall
9. Will She Miss Me?
10. A Tree Out In The Yard (Central Park)

Disc Thirteen: ...That's The Way It Is
1. That Is All
2. Just One Look/Baby I'm Yours
3. Moonshine Bandit
4. I Need You
5. A Thousand Miles Away
6. Sail Away
7. She Sits Down On me
8. Daylight Has Caught Me
9. Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)
10. That Is All (reprise)
11. ...That's The Way It Is Radio Spot

Disc Fourteen: Knnillssonn
1. All I Think About Is You
2. I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely
3. Who Done It?
4. Lean On Me
5. Goin' Down
6. Old Bones
7. Sweet Surrender
8. Blanket For A Sail
9. Laughin' Man
10. Perfect Day
11. Ain't It Kinda Wonderful
12. Sweet Lorraine
13. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
14. Ballin' The Jack
15. All I Think About Is You (demo)
16. Knillssonn Radio Spot

Disc Fifteen: Nilsson Sessions 1967-1968
1. 1941 (demo)
2. World (demo)
3. Signs (demo)
4. Cuddly Toy (demo)
5. This Could Be The Night (demo)
6. As I Wander Lonely
7. The Family
8. Miss Butter's Lament
9. Mr. Tinker
10. Leggenda
11. Sister Marie
12. She Wandered Through The Garden Fence
13. One (alternate version)
14. I Said Goodbye To Me (alternate version)
15. Searchin'
16. She's Just Laughing At Me
17. Together (alternate version)
18. Bath (alternate version)

Disc Sixteen: Nilsson Sessions 1968-1971
1. You Are Here
2. The Cast And Crew
3. Garbage Can Ballet
4. I Will Take You There
5. Girlfriend
6. Wasting My Time
7. Rainmaker (alternate version)
8. Open Your Window (alternate take)
9. Postcard
10. Think About Your Troubles (alternate version)
11. Marry Me A Little
12. Ballin' The Jack
13. Gotta Get Up (demo)
14. Down To The Valley (single mix)
15. Buy My Album (single mix)
16. Joy (alternate version)
17. Blackbird
18. Paradise
19. Lucille
20. Early In The Morning (alternate version)

Disc Seventeen: Nilsson Sessions 1971-1974
1. Walk Right Back
2. Jump Into The Fire (alternate version)
3. Isolation
4. Without You (demo)
5. Driving Along (demo)
6. Gotta Get Up (demo)
7. Coconut (demo)
8. Old Forgotten Soldier (alternate demo)
9. Down (demo)
10. The Moonbeam Song (alternate demo)
11. Jump Into The Fire (single version)
12. Per Chi
13. Joy (guitar demo)
14. Joy (piano demo)
15. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) (alternate version)
16. Lullaby In Ragtime (alternate version)
17. Always (alternate version)
18. It Had To Be You (alternate version)
19. I Want You To Sit On My Face
20. A Souvenir - Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon

John Guerin - drums, percussion
Harry Nilsson - vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
Mike Deasy - guitar
Michael Duré - guitar
Neil LaVang - guitar
Mac Rebennack - guitar, keyboards
Bob Segarini - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
Al McKibbon - bass
Lyle Ritz - bass
William Trochim - bass
Richie Frost - drums
Vann Slatter - drums
Jerry Williams - drums
Dale Anderson - percussion
Hubert Anderson - percussion
Milt Holland - percussion
Mike Melvoin - keyboards
Don Ralke - keyboards
Roy Caton - trumpet
David Duke - french horn
Robert M. Knight - brass
Carroll Lewis - trumpet
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Dick Nash - trombone
Tom Scott - woodwinds
Jesse Ehrlich - cello
Paul Shure - strings
Robert Sushel - strings
Darrell Terwilliger - violin
Dennis Budimir - guitar, ukulele, banjo
James Burton - guitar
Al Casey - guitar
David Cohen - guitar
Drake Levin - guitar
Tommy Tedesco - guitar
Larry Knechtel - bass, keyboards
Jim Gordon - drums, percussion
John Philips - percussion
Bill Martin - keyboards
Michael Wofford - keyboards
Tommy Morgan - harmonica
Norman Benno - brass
Gene Cipriano - woodwinds
Robert Enevoldsen - brass
Bernard Fleischer - brass
Jim Horn - woodwinds
Dick Hyde - trombone
John Johnson - woodwinds
Plas Johnson - woodwinds
Lew McCreary - trombone
Tony Terran - trumpet
Robert Hardaway - woodwinds
John E. Lowe - woodwinds
Johnny Rotella - woodwinds
Israel Baker - strings
Arnold Belnick - strings
Bobby Bruce - strings
Donnie Douglas - strings
James Getzoff - strings
Edgar Lustgarten - strings
Ray Kelley - strings
Michael Mutt - strings
Myron Sandler - strings
Ralph Schaeffer - strings
Fred Seykora - strings
Marshall Sosson - strings
Tibor Zelig - strings
Randy Newman - piano
Max Bennett - bass, recorder
Stephen LaFever - bass
Frank Capp - drums
Earl Palmer - drums
Michael Lang - keyboards
Michel Rubini - keyboards
Ralph Grierson - keyboards
Dorothy Rensen - harp
Ian Duck - guitar
Caleb Quaye - guitar
Chris Spedding - guitar, bouyoukia
John Uribe - guitar
Klaus Voorman - guitar, bass
Herbie Flowers - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Roger Pope - drums
Richard Perry - percussion, keyboards
Jimmy Webb - keyboards
Gary Wright - keyboards
Roger Coolan - keyboards
Henry Krein - accordion
Bobby Keys - saxophone
Jim Price - trumpet, trombone
Peter Frampton - guitar
Lowell George - guitar
Paul Keogh - guitar
Les Thatcher - guitar
George Harrison - guitar
Red Rhodes - pedal steel guitar
Barry Morgan - drums
Ringo Starr - drums
Ray Cooper - percussion
Nicky Hopkins - keyboards
Graham Smith - harmonica
Dominick Fera - horns
Wilbur Schwartz - horns
Richard Mackey - horns
Tony Gilbert - orchestra member
Ray Cohen - orchestra member
Charles Vorzinger - orchestra member
Leonard Dighl - orchestra member
Keith Bird - orchestra member
Ken Cooper - orchestra member
Tony Randell - orchestra member
George Turnland - orchestra member
Alan Peters - orchestra member
Lou Rosen - orchestra member
Lou Whiteson - orchestra member
Derek Collins - orchestra member
Ken Essex - orchestra member
Maurice Taylor - orchestra member
Reginald Mosley - orchestra member
Dannie McCOnnell - orchestra member
George French - orchestra member
Red Leopold - orchestra member
Steve Shingles - orchestra member
Nat Comrass - orchestra member
Jesse Ed Davis - guitar
Danny Kortchmar - guitar
Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitar
Keith Moon - drums
Norman Kurban - percussion
May Pang - percussion
Jane Getz - keyboards
Ken Ascher - keyboards
Willie Smith - keyboards
Trevor Lawrence - brass
Robert Greenidge - pedal steel guitar, percussion, steel drum
Fred Myrow - keyboards
Van Dyke Parks - keyboards
Emmett Kennedy - percussion
Patrick Murphy - percussion
Gene Estes - percussion
John Bergamo - marimba
Cosmo DeAguero - marimba
Victor Feldman - marimba
Douglas Dillard - banjo
Denzil Laughton - harp
Gayle Levant - harp
Norman Herzberg - bassoon
Lloyd Hildebrand - bassoon
Robert Tricarico - bassoon
Ron Langinger - woodwinds
Jay Migliori - woodwinds
Lew Tabackin - woodwinds
Jules Jacob - woodwinds
John Bambridge - woodwinds
Joseph Soldo - woodwinds
Bud Brisbois - horns
Charles Dinwiddle - horns
Chuck Findley - trumpet
Paul Hubinon - horns
Jerome Jumonville - horns
Bobby Keys - woodwinds
Martin Krystall - horns
Malcom McNabb - trumpet
Tom Shepard - horns
Myer Bello - strings
Samuel Boghossian - strings
Joseph DiTullio - strings
Assa Drori - strings
Arni Egildson - strings
Henry Ferber - strings
Ronald Folsom - strings
Allan Harshman - strings
Harry Hyams - strings
William Hymanson - strings
Armand Kaproff - strings
Dennis Karmazyn - strings
Louis Kievman - strings
Raphael Kramer - strings
Bernard Kundell - strings
Abe Luboff - strings
Kathleen Lustgarten - strings
Joy Lyle - strings
Gordon Marrow - strings
Peter Mercurio - strings
Joe Mondragon - strings
Gareth Nuttycombe - strings
Stanley Plummer - strings
David Schwartz - strings
Sid Sharp - strings
Harry Shlutz - strings
Haim Shtrum - strings
Jeff Solow - strings
Robert Stone - strings
Limm Subotnick - strings
Reher Sven - strings
David Turner - strings
Gerald Vinci - strings
Keith Allison - guitar
Michael Anthony - guitar
Peter Jameson - guitar
John Morrell - guitar
Fred Tackett - guitar
Derrek VanEaton - guitar
Lon VanEaton - guitar
Chili Charles - drums
Doug Hoefer - percussion
Thomas Collier - percussion, keyboards
James Newton Howard - keyboards
David Paich - keyboards
Malcolm Cecil - keyboards
Steven Madaio - horns
Benny Powell - horns
James Roberts - horns
Henry Sigismonti - horns
Charles Gould - bassoon
Melvin Tax - bassoon
Joe Darensbourg - horns
Andrew Blakeney  - horns
Herbert Harper - horns
Murray Adler - strings
James Bond Jr. - strings
Rolice Dale - strings
Edward Green - strings
Harris Goldman - strings
Raphael Kramer - strings
Carl Lamagna - strings
Michael Nowak - strings
Polly Sweeney - strings
William Weiss - strings
Charlotte Sax - strings
James Griffin - bass
Don Randi - keyboards

Friday, August 23, 2013

Harry Nilsson - Harry

Harry Nilsson - Harry
RCA Victor LSP-4197 (1969)

Side One:
1. The Puppy Song
2. Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore
3. Open Your Window
4. Mother Nature's Son
5. Fairfax Rag
6. City Life

Side Two:
1. Mournin' Glory Story
2. Maybe
3. Marchin' Down Broadway
4. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
5. Rainmaker
6. Mr. Bojangles
7. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear

John Guerin, Milt Holland, John Phillips - percussion
Harry Nilsson - vocals
Jim Gordon - drums, percussion
Mike Melvoin, Bill Martin - piano
Larry Knechtel - bass, piano
Larry Ritz - bass
David Cohen, Howard Roberts, Dennis Budimir, James Burton, Al Casey, Tommy Tedesco, Drake Levin - guitar
Michael Wofford - piano, harpsichord
Tommy Morgan - harmonica
Norman Benno, Gene Cipriano, David Duke, Tom Scott, Robert Enevoldsen, James Horn, Dick Hyde, John Johnson, Lew McReary, Oliver Mitchell, Richard Nash, Anthony Terren - brass
Bernard Fleischer, Plas Johnson - brass, woodwinds
Robert Hardaway, John E. Lowe, Johnny Rotella - woodwinds
Israel Baker, Arnold Belnick, Bobby Bruce, Mayrond Sandler, Ralph Schaeffer, Donnie Douglas, James Getzoff, Edgar Lustgarden, Raymod J. Kelley, Michael Mutt, Frederick Seykora, Marshall Soson, Darell Terwilliger, Tibor Zelig - strings
George Tipton - arranger, conductor
Rick Jarrard - producer

Ray Ruff - Truth Of Truths-A Contemporary Rock Opera

Ray Ruff - Truth Of Truths-A Contemporary Rock Opera
Oak Records OR 1001 (1971)

Track Listing:
1. The Overture
2. Creation, Genesis 1 & 2
3. The Fall, Genesis 3
4. Forty Days and Forty Nights, Genesis 6-8
5. Tower of Babel, Genesis 11
6. God Called on to Abraham, Genesis 12 & 17
7. Sodom and Gomorrah Were the Cities of Sin, Genesis 19
8. Joseph, Beloved Son of Israel, Genesis 37-45
9. Let My People Go, Exodus 1-15, 32
10. The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20
11. Song of the Children of Israel (Exodus), Exodus 15
12. David to Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11 & 12
13. Turn Back to God, Jeremiah 2-5
14. Prophecies of the Coming Messiah, Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7; 53:3-7; Micah 5:2; Jeremiah 31:15; Deuteronomy 16:10; 27:12; 41:9; 68:18
15. My Life is in Your Hands, Luke 46-58
16. John the Baptist, John 19-37
17. He's the Light of the World, Matthew 5,6; 3 John
18. Hosanna, Matthew 21
19. The Last Supper, Matthew 26:1-35; 1 John 13
20. I am What I Say I am, Matthew 26:36-56
21. The Trial, Matthew 26:57 - 27:31
22. The Road, Luke 23:26-33
23. The Cross, Luke 23:34-49
24. Jesus of Nazareth, John 20:19-29
25. Resurrection, John 20:11-18
26. He Will Come Again, Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 19:11-16
27. The Prophecies of the Coming of the End of the World, John 20:11-18

John Guerin, Hal Blaine, John Raines - Drums
Ray Ruff - Producer
Ernie Freedman, Dick Hieronymus - Arranger
Jim Backus - the voice of God
Donnie Brooks, Dick St. John, Sandy St. John, John Mancha, Mike Mancha, Lise Miller, Patti Sterling, Dave Rene, Ben Short, Pat Liston of the Friends and Brothers, Lloyd Schoonmaker, Don the Great, Doug Gibbs, Val Stöecklein - Lead Vocals
Sonny Craver, Scott Thompson, Roberta Watson, Patrice Holloway, Andrea Albin, Janie Mickens Lovett, Doris Thompson, Karen Bourne, Judi Brown, Joanne Willis, Karen Ditto, Jessie Richardson, John and Herb - Background Vocals
Bill Kurasch, Sid Sharp, Art Zungolo, Ralph Schaeffer, Sam Boghossian, Tibor Zelig, Henry Ferber - Violin
Christine Walevska, Ed Stanley - Cello
Larry Carlton, Dennis Budimir, Jerry Cole - Guitar
Reinie Press, Ray Pohlman - Bass
Larry Muhoberac - Piano
Gary Coleman - Vocals
Joe Osborn - Bass
Ray Kelly - Guitar
Harry Hyams, Joseph DiFiore - Viola
Paul Hubinon, Tony Terran - Trumpet
Julie Jacob - Saxophone
Bill Fritz - Reeds
Sinclair Lott - French Horn
George Price, Robert Enevoldsen, Arthur Maebe, William Hinshaw - Horns
Lou McCreary, Dick Hyde - Trombone

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Honey Ltd. - The Complete LHI Recordings

Honey Ltd. - The Complete LHI Recordings
Light In The Attic LITA 102 (2013)

Track Listing:
1. The Warrior
2. No, You Are
3. I've Got Your Man
4. Silk 'N Honey
5. For Your Mind
6. Come Down
7. Louie, Louie
8. Tomorrow Your Heart
9. Eli's Coming
10. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
11. I'm So Glad
12. Love, the Devil
13. Not for Me

John Guerin, Donald Frost, Jim Gordon - Drums
Laura Polkinghome, Marsha Jo Temmer, Joan Sliwin, Alexandra Sliwin - Vocals
Carol Kaye, Chuck Berghofer, Allan Beutlar, Jimmy Bond, Harvey Newmark, Lyle Ritz - Bass
James Burton, Jim Helms, Ry Cooder, Mike Deasy, Don Lanier, Lou Morell - Guitar
Gary Coleman, Norm Jeffries - Percussion
Lee Hazlewood, Mike Post - Producer
Michael Lang, Mike Melvain, Don Randi - Keyboards
Jack Nitzsche - Arranger, Keyboards
Donnie Owens - Guitar, Producer
Bill Pitman - Bass, Guitar
Ray Caton, Jules Chaikinm James Decker, David Duke, Virgil Evans, Jim Horn, Dick Hyde, Plas Johnson, Richard Leith, Lew McCreary, Oliver Mitchell, Morris Repass, Thomas Scott - Brass
Ian Freebairn Smith - Arranger
Arnold Belnick, Harold Bemko, David Burk, Jesse Ehrlich, Armand Kaproff, Jerome Kessler, Bernard Kundell, William Kurasch, Leonard Malarsky, Ralph Schaffer, Sidney Sharp, Tibor Zelig - Strings

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

John Klemmer - Touch

John Klemmer - Touch
ABC Records ABCD-922 (1975)

Side One:
1. Touch
2. Glass Dolphins
3. Waterwheels
4. Free Fall Lover

Side Two:
1. Sleeping Eyes
2. Body Pulse
3. Tone Row Weaver
4. Walk With Me My Love And Dream

John Guerin, Harvey Mason - Drums
John Klemmer - Tenor Saxophone, Echoplex, Flute, Fender Rhodes, Narrator, Producer, Arranger
Larry Carlton - Acoustic Guitar
Chuck Domanico, Chuck Rainey - Bass
Dave Grusin, George Duke - Fender Rhodes
Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro - Percussion
Mitch Holder - 12-string Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
David Batteau - Vocals
Stephan Goldman - Producer

John Klemmer - Barefoot Ballet

John Klemmer - Barefoot Ballet
ABC Records ABCD-95 (1976)

Side One:
1. Barefoot Ballet
2. Forest Child
3. Crystal Fingers
4. Whisper To The Wind

Side Two:
1. Poem Painter
2. At 17
3. Talking Hands
4. Rain Dancer
5. Naked

John Guerin - Drums
John Klemmer - Echoplex, Arranger, African Wood Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Producer
Larry Carlton - Acoustic Guitar
Chuck Domanico - Bass
Dave Grusin - Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano
Bernie Fleischer - Alto Flute, Bass Flute
Joe Porcaro - Percussion
Stephan Goldman - Producer

Les Crane - Desiderata

Les Crane - Desiderata
Warner Bros. Records BS 2570 (1971)

Side One:
1a. Prologue
1b. Desiderata
2. Vision
3. Friends
4. Beauty (Shining From The Inside Out)
5. Happiness (I Got No Cares)

Side Two:
1. Esperanza (Hope)
2. Nature (Wilderness)
3. Courage (Eyes That See)
4. Independence (A Different Drummer)
5a. Love (Children Learn What They Live)
5b. Epilogue

John Guerin - Drums
Fred Werner - Arranger, Conductor
Chuck Domanico - Bass
Dennis Budimir - Guitar
Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro - Percussion
Louie Shelton - Guitar
Michel Rubini - Piano
Carol Carmichael - Vocals
Jim Horn - Flute
Evangeline Carmichael - Vocals
Fred Werner, Les Crane - Producer

Letta Mbulu ‎– Letta Mbulu Sings

Letta Mbulu ‎– Letta Mbulu Sings
Capitol Records T 2874 (1967)

Side One:
1. Aredze
2. Pula Yetla
3. Zola (Mra)
4. Bhanoyi
5. Thokoza
6. My Son

Side Two:
1. Wacha
2. Magwalandini
3. Qhinebe
4. Sexwaxwa
5. Where Does It Lead

John Guerin - drums, percussion
Letta Mbulu - vocals
H.B. Barnum - arranger, conductor
David Axelrod - producer
Tony Terran, Freddie Hill - trumpet
Bill Green - saxophone, piccolo
Jim Horn, Plas Johnson - saxophone
Don Randi - piano, organ
Neil Levang, Les Buie - guitar
Arthur Wright - bass
Frank Guerrero - vibraphone, tympani, percussion
Gene Estes - tympani, vibraphone, percussion
Joe Clayton - bongos, congas

Letta Mbulu - Free Soul

Letta Mbulu - Free Soul
Capitol Records ST-2929 (1968)

Side One:
1. Gumba-Gumba
2. Kukuchi
3. What More Could Be Right
4. West Wind
5. Mamani

Side Two:
1. Ade
2. Olu Ati Ayo (Olu & Ayo)
3. Only When You're Mine Again
4. Welele

John Guerin - drums, bells, tympani, mallets
Letta Mbulu - vocals
H.B. Barnum - arranger, conductor
Tony Terran, Freddie Hill - trumpet, flugelhorn
Charles Loper - trombone
Dick Leith, Lew McCreary - trombone, bass trombone
Jackie Kelso - tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Jim Horn - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, oboe, recorder
Dick Houlgate - bass saxophone, flute, clarinet
Don Randi - acoustic piano, electric piano, harpsichord
Mike Melvoin - organ
Al Casey, John Gray, Les Buie, Louis Morell, Barry Rillera, Carol Kaye - guitar
Bob Wes - acoustic bass, electric bass
Earl Palmer - drums, tympani, bells
Joe Clayton - congas
King Errison- bongos
Gary Coleman - boo bams, tamborine
Ken Watson - mallets, traps, Latin percussion
David Axelrod - producer
Dick Nash - trombone
Bill Green - flute, recorder
Ray Pohlman - bass
Butch Rillera - drums
Joe Clayton - percussion
Frank Guerrero - timbales
Gene Estes  - percussion

Friday, May 31, 2013

Bobby McFerrin - Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin - Bobby McFerrin
Elektra Musician Records E1 60023 (1982)

Side One:
1. Dance with Me
2. Feline
3. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
4. Moondance
5. All Feets Can Dance

Side Two:
1. Sightless Bird
2. Peace
3. Jubilee
4. Hallucinations
5. Chicken

John Guerin – Drums
Bobby McFerrin – Arranger, Vocals, Fender Rhodes
H. B. Bennett, James Preston, Frank Vilardi – Drums
Joe Caro, Steve Erquiaga, Kenny Karsh, Peter Maunu – Guitar
Stu Feldman, Randy Jackson, Larry Klein, John Siegler – Bass
Victor Feldman – Piano, Fender Rhodes
Kenneth Nash – Percussion
Phoebe Snow – Vocals
Nicholas Ten Broeck – Arranger
Linda Goldstein – Producer

Fred Karlin - The Baby Maker OST

Fred Karlin - The Baby Maker OST
Ode Records SP 77002 (1970)

Track Listing:
1. Third Month
2. People Come, People Go (vocal)
3. Tish
4. Blue Paint
5. Suzanne at the Pond
6. Lotus Baby Pant'n Mantra Blues
7. People Come, People Go (instrumental)
8. People Come, People Go (instrumental)
9. Doctor's Office
10. Lotus Baby Pant'n Mantra Blues
11. Tish
12. People Come, People Go (vocal)
13. Ninth Month What Do Ya Do?

John Guerin - Drums
Dwayne Bryant - Saxophone, Vocals
James Burton - Guitar
Jean Cipriano - Woodwind
David Cohen - Guitar
Buddy Collette - Woodwind
Randy Fuller - Bass
Alton Hendrickson - Guitar
Plas Johnson - Woodwind
Ronald Longinger - Flute
Michael Melvoin - Piano
Ted Nash - Woodwind
Joe Osborn - Bass
Andrea Powell - Vocals
Billy Powell - Keyboards
Emil Richards - Percussion
Howard Roberts - Guitar
Clifford Shank - Woodwind
Clark Spangler - Organ
Ralph Vitlin - Flute

V/A - Grace Of My Heart OST

V/A - Grace Of My Heart OST
MCA Soundtracks MCASD-11510 (1996)

Track Listing:
1. God Give Me Strength
2. Love Doesn't Ever Fail Us
3. Take a Run at the Sun
4. I Do
5. Between Two Worlds
6. My Secret Love
7. Man from Mars
8. Born to Love That Boy
9. Truth Is You Lied
10. Unwanted Number
11. Groovin' on You
12. In Another World
13. Don't You Think It's Time
14. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
15. A Boat on the Sea

John Guerin - drums
Burt Bacharach - piano, producer, arranger
Elvis Costello - vocals, producer
The Williams Brothers - vocals
J Mascis - vocals, producer
For Real - vocals
Shawn Colvin - vocals
Miss Lily Banquette - vocals
Kristen Vigard - vocals
Jill Sobule - vocals
Juned - vocals
Portrait - vocals
Tiffany Anders - vocals
Boyd Rice - vocals
Larry Klein - producer, bass
David Campbell, Eddie Karam, Elena Barere, Gene Page, Jimmie Haskell - arranger
Jim Cox  - arranger, producer
Alex Acuña - percussion, drums
Dale Balensiefen - guitar
Chuck Berghofer - trumpet
Dave Carey - percussion
Randy Crenshaw - vocals
Donna Davidson - vocals
Lawrence Feldman - woodwinds
Michael Fischer - percussion
Flea - bass
Steve Foreman - percussion
Tommy Funderburk - background vocals
Dominic Genova - bass
Ed Greene - drums
Claudia Groom - guitar
Jim Haas - background vocals
Dan Higgins - woodwinds
Leslie Johnson - background vocals
Plas Johnson - tenor saxophone
Raven Kane - background vocals
Greg Kurstin - piano
Greg Leisz - guitar
Steve Lindsey - organ
Rick Logan - background vocals
Sal Marquez - trumpet
Mike Melvoin - piano
Rob Mounsey - piano, keyboards
Bobbi Page - background vocals
Chris Parker - drums
Dean Parks - guitar
Herb Pedersen - guitar, banjo, vocals
Lynette Rennells - background vocals
Chad Smith - drums
Lew Soloff - trumpet
David Spinozza - guitar
Lloyd Stripling - trumpet
Freddie "Ready Freddie" Washington - bass
Doug Webb - saxophone
Andrew Williams - producer
Victoria Williams - vocals
T-Bone Wolk - bass

V/A - The Many Faces Of Bird

V/A - The Many Faces Of Bird
Jazzvisions/Verve Records 841 285 (1989)

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. April in Paris
3. Scrapple from the Apple
4. Billie's Bounce
5. Yardbird Suite
6. Moose the Mooche

John Guerin - Drums
Monty Budwig - Bass
Richie Cole - Alto Saxophone
Lee Konitz - Alto Saxophone
Lou Levy - Piano
Jack Lewis - Producer
Bobby McFerrin - Vocals
James Moody - Alto Saxophone
Bud Shank - Alto Saxophone

V/A - Highlander II/The Quickening OST

V/A - Highlander II/The Quickening OST
Bronze Records 9031-73657-2 (1991)

Track Listing:
1. Trust performed by Heeren Stevens
2. One Dream performed by Lou Gramm Band
3. Who's That Man performed by The Magnetic AKA
4. Haunted performed by Glenn Hughes
5. Here We Go performed by Notorious
6. As Time Goes By performed by Brenda Russell
7. It's A Perfect World performed by Cash Hollywood featuring Ellis Hall
8. Bird Light
9. Destroy Shield
10. Sun Shield / Dam Escape

John Guerin - drums
The Seattle Symphony And Symphony Chorale
Larry Klein - bass
Russell Ferrante - keyboards, piano
Steve Lindsey - producer
Brenda Russell - producer, vocals
Jeff Seitz - producer
Stewart Copeland - producer
Glenn Hughes - vocals
Donald Markowitz - producer
Tom Harriman - producer
Ellis Hall - vocals
Vivian Campbell - guitar
Lou Gramm - vocals
James Guthrie - producer
Robert Ezrin - producer
Adrian Lee - producer
Brian Tatler - guitar
Nigel Ross-Scott - bass
Gary Wallis - drums
Adrian Lee - keyboards
Heeren Stevens - vocals

V/A - Bird OST

V/A - Bird OST
Columbia Records SC 44299 (1988)

Side One:
1. Lester Leaps In
2. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
3. Laura
4. All Of Me
5. This Time The Dream's On Me

Side Two:
1. Ko Ko
2. Cool Blues
3. April In Paris
4. Now's The Time
5. Ornithology
6. Parker's Mood

John Guerin - Drums
Chuck Berghofer, Ray Brown, Ron Carter - Bass
Barry Harris, Monty Alexander, Walter Davis, Jr. - Piano
Lennie Niehaus - Producer
Charles McPherson, Charlie Parker - Alto Saxophone
Jon Faddis, Red Rodney - Trumpet
Charlie Shoemake - Vibraphone

HITMEN - Recording Drums

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes OST

Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes OST
MGM Records 1SE-23ST (1970)

Track Listing:
1. Kelly's Heroes
2. All for the Love of Sunshine
3. Burning Bridges (instrumental)
4. Tiger Tank
5. Clairmont Waltz
6. Battle Hymn of the Republic
7. Burning Bridges
8. Quick Draw Kelly
9. All for the Love of Sunshine (instrumental)
10. I've Been Working on the Railroad
11. Commando Opus

John Guerin - drums
Lalo Schifrin - arranger, conductor
Maurice Harris - trumpet
Lloyd Ulyate, Dick Nash, Dick Noel, George Roberts - trombone
Vincent DeRosa, David Duke, Bill Hinshaw - French horn
Ronnie Lang, Bud Shank - woodwinds
John Ellis - oboe
Tommy Morgan - harmonica
Ralph Grierson - piano
Carl Fortina - accordion
Tommy Tedesco, Howard Roberts, Bob Bain, Alton Hendrickson - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
Emil Richards, Larry Bunker, Joe Porcaro - percussion
Israel Baker - concert master
David Frisina, Anatol Kaminsky, Sam Freed, Marvin Limonick, Alexander Murray, Herman Clebanoff, Thelma Beach, Irma Neumann, James Getzoff, Dorothy Wade, Joseph Stepansky - violin
Dan Neufeld, Myra Kestenbaum, Robert Ostrowsky, Joseph Di Fiore - viola
Gloria Strassner, Edgar Lustgarten, Armand Kaproff, Justin Di Tullio - cello
David Axelrod, H.B. Barnum, Dick Hazard - arranger
Don Peake - conductor, arranger
Hank Williams Jr, The Mike Curb Congregation, Monique Aldebert - vocals
Mike Curb, Jesse Kaye - producer
Richard Hazard - orchestration

Remembering John Guerin

From Kim Richmond:
Yes, John was a special musician, a BRILLIANT drummer, an irrepresible  spirit. Very early in my career, we were doing a jingle recording session together, one of my first sessions, and he came over after one take and whispered in my ear "I think your pitch is a little sharp," so as not to embarrass me. I was always in admiration of him musically, especially his free (for the time) drumming style. I didn't have a chance to play any jazz with him (he thought of me primarily as a composer/arranger until about ten years back, when we had a chance to do a jazz gig together). He complimented me by saying "Hey Kim, I had not idea!" That was a personal triumph for me because I admired him so much.
Just two little-known examples of his genius (in my eyes) are playing an entire film cue for Lalo Schifrin for just drums (all improvised by John) on the movie "Kelly's Heroes." I was at the session listening, and John made it very creative. The other example was his playing on "Gate of Dreams" by Michael Colombier. I enjoyed playing in Mike Barone's band with John, especially at rehearsal where I faced him. I could always tell how we were doing from John's face. He was an expressive guy. He's given me some great memories and inspiration. Thanks John!

From Carol Morell:
John has been so much a part of our lives. I remember when I first met him he was playing at Bonesville, but I was too young to get in the club. He was a part of all our important occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, etc. He was an integral part of our boys’ lives, whether participating in Justin’s musical growth or going to Chris’ baseball games. Some of my best memories were of our weekly poker games that went on for a number of years. We took a percentage of each pot and put it into the kitty. At John’s suggestion, we took the money and all went to Mexico. What fun. Be it conversation or music, John was a great listener......and a great audience. His musical legend is well known to all. But not many were lucky enough to have him in their lives as we did. John was a very private person. We were so lucky that he chose to let us in.
We will miss him so.

From John Beasley:
When I first got to town, John was playing a lot at a club called Snookeys on Pico in West LA. (1979-80 ?) I was a skinny, snot-nose, arrogant 18 year old hanging out and trying to learn form a great lyrical trumpet player named Don Sleet. Don and John had come up together years earlier in San Diego. John got Don a gig there and I ended up playing with the two of them 2 nights a week for 6 months or so. I was, of course, completely in awe of John's playing and reputation, so I was blown away when he made me feel as though I was "one of the cats"! That's the way he was. I'll never forget that look he would give me when I was comping too rhythmically or playing too many notes or especially not swinging! He was a great bandstand teacher! I wish I would have told him how much those gigs meant to me. I'll miss knowing he's out there somewhere playing that fantastic > shuffle beat.

From Alphonse Mouzon:
I'm in shock and I'm saddened by the sudden death of John Guerin. John was a great drummer who displayed an impeccable feeling for pop and jazz. I saw John playing  with trumpeter Carl Saunders last year at a club in Santa Monica. John played great that night, as always! I will miss him dearly! Heaven is procuring one swinging drummer!

From Benny Golson:
I met John Guerin when I first came to Los Angeles in 1957 to write for
television. The first thing that caught my attention was his style: loose, yet very controlled, never getting in the way, but rather adding to whatever was going on around him. There was a particular beat he had that I tried to use when I went back East to record. Unfortunately no one played it quite like him. Years went by before I saw John again after I left for New York once again. But we came together again on a recording I was doing for Lou Rawls just a few months ago last year. Rather than sounding the same, which would have been great, he sounded even better, in the tradition of Dom Perignon wine ... getting better with age. During the date, and after many years, I finally told him about his beat that I tried to duplicate so many times while back East. We laughed together. After re-discovering John, I decided that when coming back to Los Angeles for various projects in the future, he would be my drummer. Did I have a choice? Of course not, not if I wanted the best.
When I received an e-mail from Mike Melvoin about his passing, my heart sank deep, deep down into the darkest shafts of my existence as I uttered a few harsh words at reality, and feeling a great desire to turn the clock back to much happier times. John Guerin I loved what you did and I loved the kind of guy you always were. How I will miss you, especially after I just found you again. Time and unforeseen occurrences have been extremely cruel this time.Sorry I cannot be there, but I am there.

From Dr. Lou Fischer:
As a bassist, I have been tremendously blessed through the years to have performed in so many settings with so many of the world's greatest drummers. Publicly, John and I never had the chance to perform together, but we did have the ocassion to spend many days together in the studios back in the mid to late seventies in Dallas, Texas and again in LA in 1979. John made a significant impact on my decision to become a jazz player full time. After working one particularly long and grueling jingle session in Dallas, John was in the audience that evening listening to a performance with a group called High Rise, co-lead by myelf and another great drummer Steve Houghton. John and I spent many days talking about my performance of that particular evening. He was one of the first individuals to encourage me to look beyond making money in the studios, to visit my inner most thoughts... to focus in on what it
was I wanted to contribute to the world as a musician. It is hard to imagine that such a small encounter as we had, would actually play out into a major direction change for me. I thank John so much for sharing his encouragement, his wisdom, his insight into my true calling life....jazz and jazz education. Without it, I personally might have
missed out on what has now proven to be some of the most memorable musical times in my life. Be at Peace, my friend.

From Jerri L. Parker:
I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the death of John Guerin through a fellow classmate of San Diego High School. John was a special and supportive friend, as we shared youthful experiences in several classes, including drama in high school. I always knew he was a talented and serious musican, even in thoses days gone by. We were so proud when he was offered a professional gig prior to graduation from high school. I knew he had what it took to be very successful.
John Guerin was not only a talented musican, but a gentle and kind spirit, who made his mark in the world successfully, and will be deeply missed by this old friend.
I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to withstand the pain and loss of your husband, father, brother, relative and/or friend.
We share the loss. Godspeed.

From Chris Colangelo:
I was so surprised when I heard of the passing of John. He was a great musician and he will be missed by all who knew him. He taught me a lot just by playing with him. When I played with John, I always got the sense that he was listening so hard to everything going on around him that you always had to be on your toes. The first time that I played with him he wanted me to give him more energy and he asked me while we were playing but, John did it in such a positive and nice way, I couldn't help but learn from it. That's the kind of guy he was. I never played the same after that gig, I always gave my all. It was always nice to see that smile he used to give when everything was swinging. I saw that smile on Dec. 6, and will miss that and him. I'm fortunate that I had the opportunity to play with the great John Guerin. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

From Phil Johnson:
On Monday, Jan 12, my oldest son called me in New York and told me about John's death. He had heard the news on the Bay Area jazz station KCSM.
After hearing that John had died, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't stop thinking about him. I felt like part of my childhood and youth had disappeared with his death. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and searched for an hour and a half on the internet for any sites that had information about him. It was like I was trying to recapture him. I found your web site, created with love and care. I look at the pictures and see the feeling in John's eyes.
John was born on October 31, 1939. I was born on October 17. I grew up with John through elementary school, junior high, and high school in San Diego. He was a good friend, the first person my age with whom I could share my love of jazz.
Even in elementary school, John was the hippest guy around. At the age of nine or ten he gave a little talk in our class about jazz. I remember him saying that the guys were called cats and the women were called chicks. If memory serves me, John's Uncle Jack was a drummer with a local band. I remember hearing that his uncle put John up on the drum stool and let him play when he was just a little kid.
When we were in junior high, John and I would go to the five and dime stores in our Hillcrest neighborhood and ferret out jazz 45s from stacks of pop records. I have a lot of great memories, going over to the old two story house where John lived with his mother and aunt near Balboa Park, listening to records in his room, hearing him practice on his drum set. I remember John telling me when Charlie Parker was coming to San Diego with Jazz at the Philharmonic. John would always tip me off to the latest sounds: a super fast up tempo track of It Don't Mean a Thing by Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie; the first 10-inch lp by the Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet on EmArcy records.
When I was in high school, I borrowed my grandmother's set of marimbas and I was trying to play them. John came over to the house with his friends, piano player Mike Wofford and trumpeter Don Sleet. They improvised some pieces, using the marimbas, and recorded the music on a little portable recorder.
In the late 1950s-early 1960s, I used to go see John play in a quintet at a jazz club in a little beach town north of San Diego. The club owner played bass, Mike was on piano, Don on trumpet, the tenor player was Gary, and of course, John was driving the group on drums. They were playing great hard bop.
When I was writing songs and lyrics in the 1970s, John was very helpful. Max Bennett wrote a tune called Velvet Lady that the LA Express recorded. I wrote a lyric for the tune and sent it to John, who gave it to Max, who liked it. In those days I used to stop off at John's place in the San Fernando Valley and visit when I drove down to San Diego from the Bay Area. I remember when he started producing recording sessions for vocalists like OC Smith and Terry Garthwaite. He played me the reel to reel tape from a session he had just produced for Terry.
I can still feel John's presence on Joni Mitchell's Miles of Aisles, Court and Spark, and Hissing of Summer Lawns.
I last saw him play when my father and I went to see Joe Farrell, with John on drums, at the Bach Dynamite and Dancing Society in Half Moon Bay.
Recently I moved from the Bay Area to New York City. I phoned John a month ago. We had a long conversation. He said he was coming here to play at the Blue Note in February or March. I was going to go hear him. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him again. He said, "Oh, we'll talk before then. I keep thinking of things I want to say to him.

From Mitch Holder:
In the mid '60's, I was still in high school and had the good fortune to study guitar with the great jazz and studio guitarist, Howard Roberts. HR's group was the first to play at the famous jazz club in No. Hollywood, Donte's. Howard told me about this new drummer he had met and hearing Mr. Guerin for the first time, well, mindboggling is about the only word I can come up with to describe what I heard that night..
Subsequently, I vividly remember being at Donte's from then on and whenever John was due to play, he'd come strutting in right before the band's first set, probably from just getting out of a studio call and usually in a turtle neck shirt as I recall and I also remember all the ladies eyes falling on John as he walked in, how could they not with his classic good looks and that boyish face.
A few years later I started my studio career and one of the highlights of that work is being able to play with some of the greatest musicians in the world. The first session I ever did with John was at Universal as I recall and all 
I can say about my reaction to working with him the first time was, well, mindboggling. Besides being the consummate musician, John was the true definition of that all too used phrase, 'Beautiful human being'. Well John was the 'real' definition of that. As others have stated, he helped musicians in a supportive way by letting them know if they needed to pay attention to the time, or play simpler, or whatever, which when you're first getting started, is always a huge help without everyone else knowing what had transpired between John and whoever he was 'teaching'. He was so nice to me when I started and straightented me out on a few things as well. I thank John for that.
It's been a pleasure to have worked with him all these years and I'll forever remember the last session I did with him, which was just a few weeks ago in November. It was for Mike Melvoin, who had John in his trio for years and years and the date was for the movie, Something's Gotta Give. Tony Dumas played bass and we did an Oscar Peterson cover song for the movie. I'll be forever grateful that the last time I played with John was in a jazz setting and, of course, he played as great as ever and was as he always was, the one and only Johnny Guerin. My very best wishes to all of John's family. You are forever blessed with his presence watching over you.

From Trevor Feldman:
I just wanted to say that John was the first drummer who really got me excited about playing drums. Just as I really became conscious of music, John was playing with my late father, Victor Feldman, who joined the L.A. Express just before Tom Scot left the band. I will always remember how riveted I was watching and listening to John. His exquisite and emphatic touch; his otherworldly sense of swing; his uncanny talent of imbuing jazz with a felicitous dose of rock, and rock with an elegant dose of jazz. All of this brought so much joy to my soul back then, and just thinking about it now has the same effect. My father loved John's other wordly sense of time, and because both of them had such a great grasp of true rhythm, the combination of my father on piano and John on drums was simply glorious. When I think of genuine fusion or jazz rock, I think of John, Max Bennett, my father, et al jamming in the L.A. Express. These guys were genuine jazz musicians who crossed the boundery into rock, creating a magical world of musical syncretism that makes almost all other fusion that followed them sound like inferior rehash. I will always be trying to improve my drumming and piano playing by listening to John, and I will always be struck with a feeling of ineffable felicity when thinking of the days when I was lucky enough to come home from school and have one of the greatest drummers of all time rehearsing with my father. His rhythmic eloquence will live forever. I love you, John

From Tommy Vig:
John Guerin was truly one of the greatest drummers ever lived, and I considered him a friend. We lost another irreplaceable person.

From Bill Courtright:
In 1976 I had the thrill and pleasure of working with John Guerin. We were recording an album in Orange County. I was a young beginner. He was with Joni Mitchell, and had already become a legend in the recording industry. I was thrilled to be in the same room with him. I was awed by him and envious of him.
By the time we completed our project, "Making Our Dreams Come True," the theme to TV's Laverne & Shirley, I had grown to love this kind, gentle and generous man. His talent was awesome, his sparkle was contagious.
May he rest in peace. I, for only one, will never forget him.

From David Grossman:
The year was 1975. I was 19 years old, and a huge John Guerin fan studying music at Berklee College of Music when L.A. Express came to Boston. I asked after the show if there was a way to speak with John and moments later there I was face to face with the man himself. I tentatively asked (out of fear of rejection by this monster of a player) if I could buy him a meal before he left town. While explaining he would love to, but didn't have time, he said "I tell you what, kid - come back tomorrow night as my guest and I'll put you as close to my drums as possible." Wow - how cool was it that the musician I admired so much was a really nice guy, as well !! I'll never forget one moment in that show when , as I sat in awe as he did some superhuman polyrhythmic figure, he looked at me and gave me an all -knowing wink. I took John out for lunch a while back and thanked him again for inspiring me as a musician, but also as a sensitive human being. I often remember that moment when I am approached by new talent. While I never did know John well, it is very clear that this is a very great loss on so many levels.

From Linda Root:
Back in the late '50's, San Diego was the place to be if you loved live jazz. There was nothing better than Johnny Guerin in a drum battle or Don Sleet, making mellow on a trumpet that could make you laugh or cry. Theseguys were kids when I heard them play, and they were already the best. My Dad had known Gene Krupa, and talked alot about his style, but when he heard Johhny at a practice session in a Rolando Park neighborhood when I was in high school, he admitted that John could get more emotion out of a drum than even Krupa. Back in those days in eastern San Diego county, you didn't buy a CD to hear the best of the best. You just drove around in the neighborhoods not far from San Diego State, and you heard it coming from garages and backyards.

From Rob Throckmorton:
I am so saddened and shocked by the news of John's passing. My father, and fellow drummer, introduced me to Tom Scott and the LA Express when I was a youngster. I would play along with Tom Cat every day, windows wide open - the neighbors hated me. I even transcribed the drum solo - a several week project. Then finally mom told me I was old enough to watch a Clint movie - Dirty Harry, and there was that unmistakable sound that can be only one person. Then one day on the car radio, 'Help Me' came on and I told my mom that was John Guerin playing. I went to the store and looked at every Joni record to find the one with that particular song on it. Then the neighbors liked me because at least I was playing to some new music. Then there was Patrick Williams' 'Threshold', then Michael Franks, the examples go on and on. I couldn't get enough. He was "my drummer." He had the greatest influence on my playing over the years. But as accurate as my transcription of that smokin' solo from the Tom Cat record was, to this day, I just can't recreate that "John Guerin sound." John, while I never met you, I'll will miss you!!!! Deepest sympathy to all that knew and loved John Guerin.

From Tim Turner:
I too am saddened by the loss of John Guerin, one of my all time Drum heroes. I was blessed by having known the Guerin family when they were living on Riverside Dr. in Burbank in the early 70's. I was a close friend to both his son Shaun and step son Scott. Being a young musician myself, just 14 years old , I was in awe by John, who was then playing with "Victor Feldman and the Good Vibes" a pre Tom Scott and the L.A. Express ensemble. The family and I would go watch "Mr. Guerin" at such jazz venues as "The Baked Potatoe" "Donte's" "The Pilgramage Theater" and "The Lighthouse' in Hermosa Beach. I would spend hours and hours listening and absorbing this incredible live music.
There were other times when Tom Scott, Jim Gordon (fresh out of Derek and the Dominos) Chuck Domonico, and Victor Feldman and others would meet up at John's Riverside Dr. home (where we were hanging out in the pool) and jam in the back music room for hours! As I became aware of John's recording studio history I was amazed by his creativity, versitility and his groove. He was always pleasent to me and on numerous occasions dropped me off at my apartment on his way over the hilll to Hollywood for another studio gig. He always drove the coolest sports cars and was also seemed interested in my music. Even now it is still very special to hear Johnny's wonderful music on the radio. I will never forget those inspirational and magical moments with John Guerin.