Monday, July 16, 2012

Dirk Hamilton - Alias I

Dirk Hamilton - Alias I
ABC Records AB976 (1977)

Side One:
1. In The Eyes Of Night
2. The Ballad Of Dick Pferd
3. For Diana
4. Alias I

Side Two:
1. Los Gatos
2. Joanna Ree
3. The Classic Sweat Poze
4. The Light Of Love

John Guerin, Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Dirk Hamilton - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Producer
Don Evans - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ron Fransen, David Paich - Keyboards
Chuck Domanico, Bob Glaub - Bass
James Rolleston - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ron Aston - Drums, Percussion
Chino Valder - Percussion
Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Charles Black - Woodwinds
Oscar Brashear, George Bohannon, Kenny Shroyer - Brass
Stephen Paietta - Accordion
Venetta Fields, Phyllis St. James, Jimi Jameson - Backing Vocals
David Aston - Clavinette
Stephan Goldman - Producer

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