Monday, July 16, 2012

Severin Browne - Severin Browne

Severin Browne - Severin Browne
Motown Records M774LM774L (1973)

Track Listing:
1. Stay
2. Darling Christina
3. Snow Flakes
4. Ragged Ann and Me
5. Skip Tune
6. Sister
7. Not Quite Time
8. There's a Lot To Be Sad
9. Just a Matter of Time
10. The All-American Boy and His Dog

John Guerin, Dennis Conway, Merel Bregante - drums
Severin Browne - vocals, guitar, piano
Pete Klienow - pedal steel guitar
Richard Bennett, Maury Manseau - guitars
Emory Gordy, Bruce Buell, Steve LeFever - bass
Alan Lindgren - keyboards, synthesizer
King Errisson - congas
Larry Murray - producer

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