Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gordon Alexander - Gordon's Buster

Gordon Alexander - Gordon's Buster
Columbia Records CS-9693 (1968)

Side One:
1. Looking For The Sun
2. Letter To Baba
3. Topanga
4. Autumn Is A Bummer
5. A Bunch Of Us Were Sitting Around A Candle In San Francisco Getting Stoned And I Hope You're There The Next Time
6. Waiting For The Time

Side Two:
1. Thinking In Indian Again
2. Puppet Theatre 23
3. One Real Spins Free
4. Windy Wednesday
5. Miss Mary

John Guerin, Jim Gordon - drums
Gordon Alexander - vocals
Ben Benay - guitar
Al Casey - guitar
Bill Pitman - guitar
Carole Kaye - bass
Pete Christlieb - saxophone
Plas Johnson - saxophone
Lilian Akersborn
Israel Baker
Del Bennett
Harold Dicterow
George Drexler
Ron Edgar
Mike Fennelly
Clare Fischer
Dotty Holmberg
Igor Horoshevsky
John T. Johnson
Anatole Kaminsky
Raphael Kramer
Lee Mallory
Patti Mitsui
Charley Myerson
Keith Olsen
Sharon Olsen
Clyde Reasinger
Morris Repass
Doug Rhodes
Dave Roberts
Henry Salisbury
Sandra Seymour
Paul Shure
Joseph Stec
Alan Weight
David Angel - strings, arranger
Curt Boettcher, Sonny Knight - producer

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