Monday, January 25, 2016

Wichita Fall ‎- Life Is But A Dream

Wichita Fall ‎- Life Is But A Dream
Liberty LBS 83208E (1969)

Side One:
1. Morning Sun
2. Once In The Morning
3. Sunny Road
4. Going To Ohio
5. Playground
6. Ornamental Sideshow

Side Two:
1. Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show
2. Crystal Rain
3. Hectivity
4. Schubert's Theme
5. Night Time Suite
6. Are You Sleeping
7. Life Is But A Dream

John Guerin, Jim Gordon, Hal Blaine - Drums
Artie Butler - Arranger, Conductor
Larry Watson - Bass
Philip Black - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
David Roush - Guitar, Vocals
Dallas Smith - Producer
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pat Boone ‎- Just The Way I Am

Pat Boone ‎- Just The Way I Am
Lamb & Lion Records LL 2020 (1979)

Side One:
1. Something Good
2. More Of You
3. Filled To Overflowin'
4. You Loved Somethin' About Me
5. I Have

Side Two:
1. Just The Way I Am
2. To Be Like Him
3. I Go To The Rock
4. Jesus Was There All The Time
5. Stone By Stone

John Guerin - Drums
Pat Boone - Vocals
Debbie Hall, Sue Allen - Backing Vocals
Paul Johnson - Arranger, Producer, Conductor, Backing Vocals
Dick Bolks, Gene Merline - Backing Vocals
Bob Tebow - Backing Vocals
Bobby Bruce - Concertmaster
Paul Stilwell - Producer
Leon Gaer - Bass
Tom Rainer - Fender Electric Piano, Piano
Grant Geissman, Mike Anthony, Tim May - Guitar
Katie Kirkpatrick - Harp
Fred Petry - Percussion
Kim Hutchcraft, Larry Williams, Mahlon Clark, Wilbur Schwartz - Saxophone
Edie Lehmann, Suzy McCune - Backing Vocals
Tom Keene - Synthesizer, Fender Electric Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Ernie Carlson, Gil Falco, Jack Redmond, Val Johnson - Trombone
Dalton Smith, Jerry Hey, John Rosenberg, Stuart Blumberg - Trumpet
Paul Johnson Singers -  - Backing Vocals

Harold Land, Bobby Hutcherson, Blue Mitchell, Joe Sample, Stanley Clarke, Freddy Robinson, Hadley Caliman, Buddy Terry, Woody Shaw, Eddie Henderson ‎– Jazz

Harold Land, Bobby Hutcherson, Blue Mitchell, Joe Sample, Stanley Clarke, Freddy Robinson, Hadley Caliman, Buddy Terry, Woody Shaw, Eddie Henderson ‎– Jazz
Mainstream Records MRL 408 (1974)

Side One:
1. Valerie
2. Quein Saba

Side Two:
1. Miscegenation
2. Dark Mood

John Guerin - Drums (A1)
Darrell Clayborn, Bill Douglas, Stanley Clarke, Buster Williams - Bass
Ray Pounds, Clarence Becton, Billy Hart - Drums
Freddy Robinson, John White Jr. - Guitar
Joe Sample, Joanne Brackeen, Bill Henderson - Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano
Herman Riley - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Blue Mitchell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Larry Vuckovich - Piano
Hadley Caliman - Tenor Saxophone
Airto Moreira, Mtume - Percussion
Buddy Terry - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Woody Shaw - Trumpet
Eddie Henderson - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Harold Land - Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Hutcherson - Vibraphone

Flying Kitty Band Featuring Ogura Kei, Hoshi Katz And Yasuda Hiromi ‎- 5・4・3・2・1・0

Flying Kitty Band Featuring Ogura Kei, Hoshi Katz And Yasuda Hiromi ‎- 5・4・3・2・1・0
Kitty Records MKF 1018 (1977)

Side One:
1. はてないイメージ
2. 僕は宇宙飛行士 Part I
3. 幼年期からの脱出
4. 無邪気な勝利
5. 僕は宇宙飛行士 Part II
6. 夢のペニー・キャンディーズ
7. いらだち
8. 愛の足跡

Side Two:
1. つかみきれないシャボン玉
2. 才の誕生日
3. よじれた魂
4. 墓石を空へ
5.  5・4・3・2・1・0

Jim Keltner, John Guerin, Goro Masaki - Drums
Hiromi Yasuda - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kei Ogura - Vocals
Katz Hoshi - Vocals, Arranger
Apples, Linda Yasuda - Backing Vocals
Kenji Takamizu, Klaus Voormann, Paul Stallworth - Bass
Dan Ferguson, David T. Walker, Jay Graydon, Kazuo Shiina, Larry Rolando, Masayoshi Takanaka, Rick Littlefield - Guitar
David Foster, Hiroshi Shibui, Jai Winding, Jun Fukamachi, Reginald (Sonny) Burke, Tom Hemsley, Victor Feldman, Yasuharu Nakanishi - Keyboards
Tom Scott - Saxophone, Lyricon
Alan Estes, Gary Coleman, Motoya Hamaguchi, Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Hidenori Taga - Producer

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Toni Brown ‎- Toni Brown

Toni Brown ‎- Toni Brown
Fantasy Records F-9585 (1979)

Track Listing:
1. Knockin'
2. Wakiki, Why Not (Huma Huma Nuka Nuka)
3. Stop the Night
4. Listen To The Rain
5. Dance Me
6. Way Down Deep
7. Angel Of Love
8. Love Is Strange
9. I Get Crazy
10. Two Of A Kind
11. Evening Lullaby

John Guerin - drums (A4,B5,B6)
Toni Brown - vocals, producer, arranger
Greg Douglas - guitar
John Blakeley - guitar
Mac Cridlin - bass
Vince Charles - orchestra bells, steel drums, guar, shaker
David Shaw - drums
George Christpoulos - backing vocals
Mike Lang - piano, keyboards
Red Rhodes - pedal steel guitar
Lyle Ritz - ukulele
Wilton Felder - bass
Rick Schlosser - drums
Stephanie Spruill, Roger Kenely-Saint, Julie Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters, Robert Tebow - backing vocals
Victor Feldman - piano, vibes
Mitch Holder - guitar
Chuck Domanico - bass
Wilbour Schwartz - clarinet
Pete Christlieb, Abe Most, John Lowe, Robert Hardawy - saxophone
Stephen Paietta - accordion
Shari Zippert - violin
Richard Green - mandolin
George Clinton - piano
Greg Douglas - guitar
Mike Porcaro - bass
Andrew Steel - drums
Merry Clayton - backing vocals
Ian Underwood - synthesizer
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Raul De Souza - trombone
John Pisano - acoustic guitar
Henry Lewy - producer
Ian Freebairn-Smith - arranger, backing vocals