Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Emitt Rhodes - The American Dream

Emitt Rhodes - The American Dream
A&M Records SP-4254 (1971)

Side One:
1. Mother Earth
2. Pardon Me
3. Textile Factory
4. Someone Died
5. Come Ride, Come Ride
6. Let's All Sing

Side Two:
1. Holly Park
2. You're A Very Lovely Woman
3. Mary Will You Take My Hand
4. The Man He Was
5. In Days Of Old
6. 'Til The Day After

John Guerin, Jim Gordon, Joel Larson, Hal Blaine - drums
Emitt Rhodes - vocals, piano, guitar
Chuck Berghoffer, Lyle Ritz - bass
David Cohen, Gary Kato, Drake Levin, Don Peake - guitar
Pete Jolly, Don Randi, Michael Rice - piano
Larry Knechtel - bass, keyboards
James Leitch - backing vocals
Joe Porcaro, Emil Richards, Tom Reynolds - percussion
Bill Rheinhart - clarinet

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