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V/A - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 4/Defenders Of Justice / OST

V/A - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 4/Defenders Of Justice / OST
Edel Records 0044292 ERE (1975)

Track Listing:
1. Astro Boy by Donald Rockwell, Tatsuo Takai
2. Gigantor by Euene Raskin, Louis C. Singer
3. Speed Racer by N. Koshibe
4. Thunderbirds by Barry Gray
5. Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons by Barry Gray
6. Captain Video And His Video Rangers - The Flying Dutchman Overture (Edit) by Richard Wagner
7. Tom Corbett, Space Cadet - Space Academy Theme Song by Hank Sylvern
8. Space Patrol - Main Title / End Title
9. Underdog by W. Biggers
10. Atom Ant by Hoyt S. Curtin, William Hanna & Joseph Barbera
11. Batman (TV) by Neal Hefti
12. Batman: The Animated Series by Danny Elfman
13. Batman (Film) by Danny Elfman
14. Batman Returns - End Credits by Danny Elfman
15. Superman (Film) by John Williams
16. Lois And Clark - The New Adventures Of Superman by Jay Gruska
17. The Green Hornet by B. May
18. The Amazing Spider-Man by J. Hobert Harris, Paul Francis Webster
19. Spider-Woman by David DePatie, Fritz Freleng
20. Wonder Woman by Charles Fox, Norman Grimbel
21. The Flash by Danny Elfman
22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Chuck Lorre, Dennis Brown
23. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Shuki Levy
24. The Tick by Doug Katsaros
25. X-Men by H. Saban, S. Levy
26. The Six Million Dollar Man by Oliver Nelson
27. The Bionic Woman by Jerry Fielding
28. The Incredible Hulk by Joe Harnell
29. Knight Rider by Glen Larson, Stu Phillips
30. Max Headroom by Michael Heunig
31. The Terminator by Brad Fiedel
32. Robocop - Main Title / Showdown by Basil Poledouris
33. Robocop - The Series by Basil Poledouris, John Stroll, Kevin Gillis
34. Quantum Leap by Mike Post
35. Escape From New York by Alan Howarth, John Carpenter
36. The Road Warrior - Montage / Main Title by Brian May
37. Mortal Combat - A Taste Of Things To Come

Personnel on track 20:
John Guerin - Drums
Bud Shank, Plas Johnson, Terry Harrington, Bob Tricarico - Woodwinds
Malcolm McNab, John Audino, Chuck Findley, Oscar Brashear - Trumpet
Charlie Loper, Lloyd Ulyate - Trombone
Bill Reichenbach, Phil Teele - Bass Trombone
Vince DeRosa, Richard Perissi, Henry Sigimonti, Art Maebe - Horns
Tommy Johnson - Tuba
Pete Jolly - Piano
Carol Kaye - Bass
Tommy Tedesco, Dennis Budimir - Guitar
Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro - Percussion
The Charlie Fox Singers:
Ron Hicklin - lead tenor
Tom Bahler - tenor
John Bahler - tenor 2
Jackie Ward - alto
Sally Stevens - soprano
Gene Morford - bass

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