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V/A - Wonder Woman OST

V/A - Wonder Woman OST
La-La Land Records LLLCD1398 (2017)

Track Listing:
Disc One:

The New, Original Wonder Woman
Charles Fox

1. The Wonder Woman (Season 1 Main Title)
2. Newsreel
3. German Headquarters / Carrier Pigeons / I Will Not Fail
4. Up to Me
5. It Could Be Anyone / Good Luck and a Good Plane
6. Paradise Island
7. It's a Man
8. Steve Trevor Dies in Plane Crash / Diana Returns to Steve's Hospital Room / The Harp
9. Tournament
10. Bullets and Bracelets / Second Contestant
11. I Love My Mother
12. Invisible Screen / Personal Nurse
13. He's Alive / Starburst I / No Money - No Dress
14. Starburst II / You're Dreaming / Playon
15. May I Shake Your Hand?
16. I Tried to Stop Him / We Must Have a Bad Connection / Starburst III / Can You Go Faster?
17. Pirouette / Opening the Safe
18. Fight
19. They Will Pay With Their Lives
20. Wonder Woman / Crash / Fight
21. Keep Walking Out of My Life / Diana Prince / We Will Get Along Fine

The Return of Wonder Woman
Artie Kane

22. The Wonder Woman (Season 2 Vocal Main Title)
23. Steve's Plane / Dr. Solano / Landing at Paradise Island
24. Welcome to Pax / Is That You, Steve? / Never, Never
25. Bullets and Bracelets Contest / Acceptance
26. Thank You, Doctor / New Spin / Wait and Worry
27. Diana as Pilot / Argentina Airport
28. Nasty Solano
29. Capitol Building / Computer / Got Her
30. Diana, Meet Gloria
31. To the Base
32. Getting to Know You / She's Dangerous
33. F.D.R. and W.W. / Solano and Robot / Gloria Is Not a Him
34. Double Steve
35. Phony Steve / Night Flight
36. No Scar
37. Saved Again
38. Duel It
39. Eggshell One Out / Count on It
40. The Wonder Woman (Season 2 End Title)

Alternate And Source Cues

41. He's Alive (no Starburst)
42. Starburst II (episode combo)
43. Presenting Wonder Woman / On With the Show
44. You Are Too Beautiful
45. Society
46. Hypnotic Stuff
47. The Wonder Woman (Season 1 Doubled-Vocal Main Title)

Disc Two:
1. The Wonder Woman (Season 2 Synthesizer Main Title)

Anschluss '77
Artie Kane

2. Cover Story / To the Monitor
3. Welcome Committee
4. Nobody Home
5. Lizard Lost
6. Blow Up Diana
7. Drop in Nazi Camp
8. Two Good Legs
9. Der Empty Suit
10. Security Leak
11. Dr. Stern / Peasant Under Glass
12. IADC / Count on It

The Bermuda Triangle Crisi
Artie Kane

13. Good Morning
14. Ruby Red / All Clear in End / Manta's Headquarters
15. Losing Control
16. Dangling Chutes
17. Lion's Den / Munitions
18. Follow That Jeep
19. Stingray / Aqua-Woman
20. Row, Row, Row / Under the Waves
21. After You / Find a Way

Artie Kane

22. Diana's Place
23. Airport Cab / L.A. Your Home? / Car Following Us
24. Carolyn's Apartment / Sleep Tight
25. Wonder Woman Meets Angel
26. Cheeseburgers / Fell in Love / Steve Is Gone
27. Ted Speaks
28. Wonder Woman and the Radicals / Sign the Voucher

The Deadly Toys
Robert Prince

29. Aerielle / XYZ Nightmare
30. Aerielle 2 / A Plastic Man
31. Safe House / A Plane Affair
32. Diana Doll / Butterfly Waltz
33. Breaking Out
34. Season Two Bumper #1

I Do, I Do
Artie Kane

35. Golden Gate / Recess
36. Car Trunk
37. Hacienda Health Spa / Play for Ploy
38. Magic Button / Special Steam
39. Dolly's Demand / Saddle Satan
40. Golf Talk / Runaway Cart
41. Wonder Woman Stops Cart / Dolly's Ride / The End
42. Season Two Bumper #2

Disc Three:
1. The Wonder Woman (Season 3 Main Title)

The Deadly Sting
Johnny Harris

2. Diana Meets Bill / Mr. Beamer Bows Out
3. Goodbye Louis
4. The Big Fight
5. Bill Freaks Out
6. Peeping at Brubaker
7. The End of Cap / The Last Mosquito Bite

Hot Wheels
Robert O. Ragland

8. The Crane
9. Dock Meet
10. Better Merchandise
11. Roof Fight
12. Somebody Help / Discovering Diana's Dilemma
13. Secret Garage
14. Weirdo
15. Horse Collars / The Best
16. Season Three Bumper

Skateboard Wiz
Johnny Harris

17. Goodbye Car / Hot Spot
18. Diana Takes a Dip / Mr. Ketchum Has a Visitor
19. The Missing Pinball
20. Skateboard Chase

Going, Going, Gone
Angela Morley

21. Flying Saucer
22. Karate Fight
23. Zukov's Gun
24. In the Warehouse / This Is Not Mrs. Fox
25. Diana Is Fired / Sharpshooter

Spaced Out
Robert Prince

26. Lots of Night Music
27. Jogging Down
28. Remember Sly
29. Catching Plants
30. Nauseation Alley / A Bit Phazed
31. The Last Spin
32. Wonder Womanish / Goin' Out Good

The Man Who Could Not Die
Richard LaSalle

33. California Beach
34. The Chimp / Chimp Chase
35. Man Who Couldn't Die / Bryce Recovers / T. Burton Phipps III
36. The Burning Room
37. Thru the Plate Glass Window
38. Dog Attack
39. Reichman Throws the Bomb
40. All Together
41. The Wonder Woman (Season 3 End Title)

John Guerin, Larry Bunker, Chuck Flores, Deane Hagen, Paul Liem, Shelly Manne, Harvey Mason - drums
Charles Fox, Johnny Harris, Artie Kane, Richard LaSalle, Angela Morley, Robert Prince, Robert O. Ragland - conductors
Gary Coleman, Alan Estes, Gene Estes, Victor Feldman, Frank Flynn, Joe Porcaro, Kenneth Watson, Jerry Williams, Bob Zimmitt - percussion
John Berkman, Ralph Grierson, Pete Jolly, Artie Kane, Mike Long, Bill Mays, Mike Melvoin, Pete Robinson, Clark Spangler, Ian Underwood, Dan Wyman - keyboards, piano, synth
Mike Anthony, Ben Benay, Dennis Budimir, Joe DiBiasi, Danny Ferguson, Mitch Holder, Tim May, John Morell, Greg Poree, Lee Ritenour, Tommy Tedesco - guitar
Don Bagley, Max Bennett, Ray Brown, Chuck Domanico, Jim Hughart, Ken Wild - bass
John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Ronald Hicklin, Marnel McCall, Myrna Matthews, Sherlie Matthews, Lisa Roberts, Julie Tillman - vocals
Stella Casellucci, Gayle Levant, Dorothy Remsen - harp
Dick Hyde, J.J. Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Charles Loper, Dick Nash, Dick Noel, Bill Reichenbach, Jim Self, Phil Teele, Lloyd Ulyate, Don Waldrop - trombone, bass trombone, tuba
John Audino, Oscar Brashear, Pete Candoli, Conte Candoli, Bud Childers, Richard Cooper, Jay Daversa, Gary Grant, Warren Luening, Malcom McNab, Bob O'Donnell, Bill Peterson, John Rinald, Tony Terran, Graham Young - trumpet
Jim Decker, Vince DeRosa, Dave A. Duke, Bob Henderson, George Hyde, Art Maebe, Richard Perissi. Marni Robinson, Gene Sherry, Henry Sigismonti - french horn
Bill Calkins, Gene Cipriani, Dominick Fera, Gary Foster, Justin Gordon, Bill Green, Jules Jacob, Plas Johnson, Ron Langinger, John Lowe, Ted Nash, Jack Nimitz, Jerome Richardson, Shelly Russell, C.E. "Bud" Shank - woodwinds
Armanda Kaproff, Ed Lusgarten, Eleanor Slatkin, Doug Davis, Marie Fera, Anne Goodman, Selen Hurford-Depuy, Ray Kramer, Harry Schultz, Frad Seykora - cello
David Schwartz, Yokiki Kamel, Milton Thomas - viola
Israel Baker, Stan Plummer, Paul Shure, Marshall Sosson, Thelma Beach, Arnold Belnick, Harry Bluestone, Herman Clebanoff, Isabelle Daskoff, Bonnie Douglas, Henry ferber, Ron Folsom, Jimmy Getzoff, Harris Goldman, Anatol Kaminsky, Bernard Kundell, Norma leonard, Nat Ross, Haim Shtrum, Barry Socher, Joe Stepansky, Bob Sushel, Ilka Talvi, Dorothy Wade, Tibor Zelig - violin

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