Monday, January 25, 2016

Wichita Fall ‎- Life Is But A Dream

Wichita Fall ‎- Life Is But A Dream
Liberty LBS 83208E (1969)

Side One:
1. Morning Sun
2. Once In The Morning
3. Sunny Road
4. Going To Ohio
5. Playground
6. Ornamental Sideshow

Side Two:
1. Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show
2. Crystal Rain
3. Hectivity
4. Schubert's Theme
5. Night Time Suite
6. Are You Sleeping
7. Life Is But A Dream

John Guerin, Jim Gordon, Hal Blaine - Drums
Artie Butler - Arranger, Conductor
Larry Watson - Bass
Philip Black - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
David Roush - Guitar, Vocals
Dallas Smith - Producer
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

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