Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Association - Waterbeds In Trinidad!

The Association - Waterbeds In Trinidad!
Columbia Records CBS S 65009 (1972)

Track Listing:
1. Silent Song Through The Land
2. Darling Be Home Soon
3. Midnight Wind
4. Come The Fall
5. Kicking The Gong Around
6. Rainbows Bent
7. Snow Queen
8. Indian Wells Woman
9. Please Don’t Go (Round The Bend)
10. Little Road And A Stone To Roll

Gary "Jules" Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
Ted Bluechel - Drums, Vocals
Brian Cole - Bass, Clarinet, Vocals
Russ Giguere - Vocals, Guitar
Terry Kirkman - Drums, Vocals, Wind
Larry Ramos - Guitar, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals
Jim Yester - Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals

Additional Musicians:
John Guerin - Drums
Dennis Budimer, Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Artie Wayne - Guitars
Wilton Felder - Bass
Milt Holland - Percussion
Lincoln Mayorga, Michael Melvoin, Don Randi - Keyboards
Lewis Merenstein - Producer
Clark Burroughs - Vocal Arrangement
Joe Foster - Producer, Synthesizer
Benny Golson - Arranger
Andy Morten - Producer
Allan Rinde - Voices
Nick Robbins - Synthesizer
Richard Thompson - Guitar, Vocals

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  1. This has some of my favorite John Guerin drumming. Especially Snow Queen, Midnight Wind, and Silent Song Through the Land. I don't think any of the Association guys actually played any instruments on this. Terry Kirkman and Larry Ramos might've overdubbed some woodwind here or there, but most likely not the other guys. Richard Thompson was a group member at this point in time and was a keyboardist not a guitar player. There is a guitar player by the same name but he's not the Association's Richard Thompson.